All over the world, dog lovers recognize each other by their love for man’s best friend. Dogs have been such an integral part of so many cultures but in the 21st century, people in every country around the world have dogs as pets.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as committed to dogs and these poor animals are sometimes abandoned by their masters. For too long, dogs have been left to fend for themselves on city streets, where they try their best to survive. This results in a large population of stray dogs that are often treated as a problem by local authorities.

From Humble Roots to International Ideals

The Soi Dog Foundation started in 2003 as a mobile sterilization clinic that took care of sick and injured street dogs and sterilized them to keep the population in check.  The organization is headquartered in Mai Khao, Phuket, not far from the beach, and it has been growing in its mission to do great things for stray dogs.

In Phuket, the Soi Dog Foundation sterilizes more than 12,000 animals every year at its main shelter and all its mobile clinics. The Shelter in Mai Khao is home to hundreds of strays that staff and volunteers have saved from the street and nurtured back to health.

The Soi Dog Foundation does more than treat and shelter dogs in Phuket. They have more shelters around Thailand including Bangkok and they are also doing their best to find homes for the animals from these shelters around the world.

As a legally registered charity in Thailand, Australia, The UK, US, France and the Netherlands, the Soi Dog Foundation assists people with paperwork and the necessary procedures to help their street dogs find new homes abroad.

Another major feather in the cap of the Soi Dog Foundation is the work they did to halt illegal slaughtering of dogs and the dog meat trade in Thailand as well as dog smuggling. This has kept the Thai Law Enforcement Agencies vigilant about dog-related crimes and animal rights.

Soi Dog Activities

While visiting Phuket, you can spend some of your time helping the Soi Dog Foundation with their causes. The Soi Dog Foundation welcomes people to assist with various activities, so you can turn part of your holiday or visit into an opportunity to help the needy animals that need you the most.

The foundation relies on private donations so you can send them donations through their website or you can even sponsor a dog at the shelter by paying for annual care costs.

If you really want to get up close and personal with the lovely puppers of Phuket, volunteering at the Mai Khao shelter is also an option. There is time limit on volunteering at the shelter, which means that you can spend a few days helping the staff take care of the animals if you want to. Email them at before visiting them and let them know how long you will be volunteering.

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